Romanian Mobile Marketing Research

Some things to mention taken out from this research:
- People user more often their mobile for talks and sms
- More than 51% don’t use their mobile for internet access
- Nokia is the most used smartphone by romanians

Below is the research document:

Microsoft Office Mobile

Soon they will cover Nokia Smartphones. Next to Office and Communicator users will have access to websites created with Sharepoint. The official press release: Microsoft and Nokia form global alliance to design, develop and market mobile productivity solutions.

“With more than 200 million smartphone customers globally, Nokia is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer and a natural partner for us,”said Elop. “Today’s announcement will enable us to expand Microsoft Office Mobile to Nokia smartphone owners worldwide and allow them to collaborate on Office documents from anywhere, as part of our strategy to provide the best productivity experience across the PC, phone and browser.”

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Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player


Using the new Adobe Mobile Packager (available now for public beta from Adobe Labs), developers can now create SIS (Symbian) and CAB (WinMo) installer packagers for their Flash Lite content, and enable consumers of that content to be able to download the new Flash Lite 3.1 player OTA (over the air).

What does that look like, and why do we care? Well firstly, here’s what the process looks like:

  • Create and test Flash Lite content using Flash CS4 and Device Central CS4
  • With Adobe Mobile Packager, create an installer package (SIS or CAB) with your content, including custom icons, readme.txt, etc. You can tell the package what version of Flash Lite is required for your content to run.
  • The package will also contain (automatically) the Adobe Version Checker application. When someone installs your content package, the Version Checker is also installed. When the application is run, the Version Checker first checks your target player, and what players exist on the device. If needed, it will then download Flash Lite 3.1 over the air to the device and then relaunch the application

Great news!

Mobile Wikipedia

The site offers a trimmed down version of Wikipedia proper, supports 14 languages, and even has a mysterious Spoken Wikipedia setting that—though currently not enabled, may presumably one day read Wikipedia articles to you.

Mobile applications vs. mobile browser apps

I started a discussion on Mobile Start-ups group on Linkedin about why having designed a mobile application instead of having a particular web page/site designed and accesible via mobile-browser?

Mobile applications

  • no need of internet connection (accessible anytime if installed)
  • more attractive look and feel
  • faster
  • no costs for data download
  • can be easily delivered via bluetooth beamers, web, etc.
  • sometimes problem with updating
  • need to be installed / downloaded
  • can access your phone multimedia capabilities (photo/video), functions (addressbook) or shortcuts.
  • application development to be a little more costly than browser-based

Mobile webs

  • informations are up-to-date
  • lower prices
  • no need of installation
  • slower (data transfer, etc.)
  • limited possibilities for advanced interaction, games, etc.
  • you can target a large set of supported devices
  • mobile website need to be able to recognize mobile device and deliver proper content (right image sizes, formats, etc.) and also there are still some device supporting only WML and need to be considered.

Did we missed something? Is there anything we could add to the list?
What’s your option when you go for a mobile solution?

Device has the latest Flash Lite runtime?

Don’t worry!

“The distributable player solution enables developers to create rich applications for the latest version of Flash Lite and directly distribute their content to millions of open OS smartphones providing a better on-device user experience. The solution mimics the successful Flash Player desktop model of content-triggered downloads for applications (rather than web-browsing). Developers and content providers no longer need to worry about whether the device has the latest Flash Lite runtime.”

Copy&paste from Adobe

Silverlight 3

Next year Silverlight release — Silverlight 3 will be shipped.

Silverlight 3 will include major media enhancements (including H.264 video
support), major graphics improvements (including 3D support and GPU
hardware acceleration), as well as major application development
improvements (including richer data-binding support and additional
controls) and plenty of additional cool features.

Also, Visual Studio and
Visual Web Developer Express will also support a fully editable and
interactive designer for Silverlight, and add tool support for

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Flash Lite statistics

For example, only in Japan there will be a transistion from 25 million Flash Lite 3.0 devices to over 58 million in a single year.

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Calling all inovators

Submit your application today for the chance to showcase and distribute your most innovative ideas to the largest audience of mobile device owners around the world. Winning developers will:

  • Showcase their applications at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain
  • Participate in “meet and greets” with Industry leaders, VC’s, Mobile Operators and distributors
  • Win CASH up to $25,000 (USD).


US mobiles

Hey, this one is in Romanian, sorry:

  • 57% dintre adolescenti afirma ca mobilul este “cheia” vietii lor sociale;
  • 52% dintre adolescenti spun ca mobilul a devenit o noua forma de divertisment

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